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  Global Allianz management programs

AMI Campus Programs

Allianz - Picture of cargo ship driving on a river symbolizes the AMI Campus programs

Allianz Management Institute (AMI) Campus Programs are Board-sponsored events that take place each year to provide a structured and open dialogue among senior executives on key strategic topics. They give managers the opportunity to take part in the highest level of professional training at Allianz.

The Campus programs are based on specific challenges such as customer focus, digitalization and growth engines. The participants translate strategy into specific results and activities through case studies, lectures and discussions.


Allianz - Picture of a soap bubble symbolizes the Allianz Excellence Program

The Allianz Excellence Program, sponsored by the Group Chairman, is the Group’s most senior leadership program. It focuses on developing global top talent by working on key strategic Group topics.

Allianz Leadership Development Program

Allianz - Picture of a surfer waiting for the next wave symbolizes the Allianz Leadership Program

The Allianz Leadership Development Program is a transition program, sponsored by a Board member, that gives executives the skills and capabilities they need to improve their leadership performance and effectively plan their next career steps at Allianz Group.

Leadership Transitions programs are designed for potential and experienced managers who are transitioning into a new area of work. These programs help Allianz leaders strengthen their skills in managing employees while navigating major transitions. The challenging project work, outstanding lectures and exposure to Allianz top managers help participants grow into new positions of leadership more quickly.

Capabilities programs

Allianz - Picture of a canoe race symbolizes the Allianz capabilities programs
Leadership Capabilities programs cover a wide range of topics. They are designed to help participants expand their knowledge and skills in different areas such as strategy and values, the Allianz organization and business fundamentals, presentation excellence, team and personal effectiveness, communication skills and operational excellence.

Functional Capabilities program

Allianz - Picture of a man jumping in a lake symbolizes the functional capabilities program

Functional Capabilities programs are designed to expand expertise in various Allianz lines of business through customized developmental activities. They include:

Diversity programs

Allianz - Picture of a table soccer symbolizes the diversity programs of Allianz

The Diversity Team at our global HR department offers a number of special programs to support our talents in their training and development. These include:

  • Developing Diverse Leadership: 100 Women Sponsorship Program
  • Mentoring Circles at Allianz – Growing the Dream
  • VIVE – Connecting Women to Leadership

Learning Network programs

Allianz - Picture of a ball in a gymnastics hall symbolizes the Learning Network programs

In addition to the AMI offers, Allianz managers have access to a number of other training and education opportunities through the Allianz Learning Network. These programs are offered by a number of different institutions both within and outside of the Group.

Examples include an open enrollment program from the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) and a professional seminar offered by one of the Allianz educational initiatives, such as the Allianz SE Academy and the Allianz Inside and Field Sales Academy at Allianz Germany AG.