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  Career Development

Allianz - Three types of career mobility.

Do you want to join us and find a place where you can grow and develop? Are you looking for a company where you can learn and prepare for your next challenge? Then we encourage you to apply at Allianz and become the true owner of your career. At Allianz Group you can find endless opportunities to advance your career and be the driver of your personal growth. If you wish to learn and are open towards new opportunities, we are the HOME where you can DARE to grow.

At Allianz Group, we offer three types of career mobility that will promote your personal growth:

  • Geographical Mobility

If you wish to move your work place to another country and advance in a foreign setting, go for it!  Allianz operates in 70 countries worldwide.

  • Cross-OE Mobility

At Allianz, you can decide whether you want to bring in your skills in our headquarters, in one of our local entities or global business lines! Whave over 90 local entities worldwide where you can make the most of your skills and where you can further grow your skill set. 

  • Functional Mobility

You don't want to stay in one function forever? Allianz welcomes this attitude, as we think it is crucial to understand the diversity of our business to be successful. From audit to finance, HR to operations, as long as you are enthusiastic about gaining cross-functional experience there will always be a wide range of opportunities at Allianz for you to broaden your skillset. 

Whatever you might be interested in, we have the right opportunities for you, waiting to be explored! Have a look at our worldwide locations and organization  or simply apply via our global job portal.

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  How we invest in your future

Allianz - Infographic showing how Allianz invests in employee training 1
Allianz - Infographic showing how Allianz invests in employee training 2
Allianz - Infographic showing how Allianz invests in employee training 3

  Management career path

Allianz - Picture of Allianz manager

If you have the potential for a management career at Allianz, we will groom you for the role over an extended period of time to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared. The training includes instruction on how to manage employee meetings, resolve conflicts and perfect your presentation techniques, for example.

All the trainings are held at Allianz Group’s own corporate university – the Allianz Management Institute. Here, we set new standards in providing qualification opportunities for our employees and future managers.

  Specialist career path

Allianz - Picture of Allianz specialist
We invest hundreds of millions of euros into fostering our employees’ expertise while boosting their individual capabilities. Qualifications are provided as needed depending on the field and individual development goals. Training opportunities may vary depending on the country or Global Line in which you work. Allianz Group also offers special development programs around the world for a wide range of occupations.