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  Talent management at Allianz

Allianz - Workshop situation symbolizes the Allianz talent management strategy

At Allianz Group, our employees’ professional and personal development is very important to us. We want our managers and specialists to be as prepared as possible to handle the sophisticated challenges we face as a successful international company. We want to guide you on your career development path and help you grow with us.

Our talent management strategy

Our fast-paced development revealed the need for one clear strategy to promote the abilities and competencies of all Allianz Group employees around the world. This is why we developed our global talent management strategy.

The strategy contains all of our talent management activities. For example, the Allianz Group and individual companies hold regular conferences on professional advancement. This gives our employees access to international development opportunities. Our talent management strategy also helps us ensure that we have the right people in each position.

Feedback culture

We also place a great deal of emphasis on discussing feedback and personal development opportunities with our employees. These meetings between employees and their respective managers are part of our mid-year and end-of-year reviews.

Our global talent management strategy gives our employees a number of advantages.

  • Increased transparency regarding the expectations in current and future jobs.
  • Open discussion on the topic of careers along with the corresponding feedback.
  • The planning of qualification activities in line with specific skills needed within the company.
  • New opportunities for development in working on international project teams and training to become a “change agent.”

Talent Mobility

We are fostering mobility culture for developing our talents. This means we encourage our employees to work in different Allianz entities across geographies,  functions and levels. That way, they can improve their skills in different assignment situations depending on their skills and expertise.

For example, we expect the talents willing to become senior leaders to work in at least two different functions, two geographic locations, or to have working experience in different Allianz entities.

  How we invest in your future

Allianz - Infographic showing how Allianz invests in employee training 1
Allianz - Infographic showing how Allianz invests in employee training 2
Allianz - Infographic showing how Allianz invests in employee training 3

  Management career path

Allianz - Picture of Allianz manager 

If you have the potential for a management career at Allianz, we will groom you for the role over an extended period of time to ensure that you are thoroughly prepared. The training includes instruction on how to manage employee meetings, resolve conflicts and perfect your presentation techniques, for example.

All the trainings are held at Allianz Group’s own corporate university – the Allianz Management Institute. Here, we set new standards in providing qualification opportunities for our employees and future managers.

  Specialist career path

Allianz - Picture of Allianz specialist 
We invest hundreds of millions of euros into fostering our employees’ expertise while boosting their individual capabilities. Qualifications are provided as needed depending on the field and individual development goals. Training opportunities may vary depending on the country or Global Line in which you work. Allianz Group also offers special development programs around the world for a wide range of occupations.