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  At a glance

Allianz Arena

The Allianz Arena officially opened its doors to the public on May 31, 2005, and is the home of two long standing Munich football clubs - FC Bayern München and TSV 1860 München.

The design of the Allianz Arena, which represents an innovative interpretation of a football stadium of the future, has been developed by the Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron. The smooth outer façade, with its diamond shaped translucent shell onto which different plays of color can be projected, gives the building an almost magical sense of poetry. As for the inner life of the stadium, the three terraces that can hold up to 69,000 spectators ensure direct proximity to the action and thus the desired emotional involvement, in addition to the comfort of a modern stadium.

The Allianz Arena played a significant role in staging the 2006 World Cup, as the official Opening Game, four group games and a semi-final game for the 2006 FIFA World Cup™ took place in Munich, as well as being the venue for the 2012 UEFA Champions League final.

Allianz SE has acquired the naming rights for the football stadium as the core of a long-term marketing partnership with München Stadion GmbH. We at Allianz SE are proud to be associated with one of the most innovative and exclusive stadiums in the World.

  Facts & Figures

  • General information about the Allianz Arena

    After less than three years of construction time, the Allianz Arena was already finished. All important facts of the innovative football stadiums are available here.

    Venue: Munich-Fröttmaning

    Construction dates
    Foundation stone laid on 21 October 2002
    Handover from Alpine Bau GmbH completed on 30 April 2005
    Owners: Bayern München
    Construction costs: 340 million euros

  • Capacity

    • Total: 69,901 capacity undercover (including executive boxes and business seats)
    • Total of 66,000 seats
    • 2,200 business seats and about 400 seats for the press
    • 106 VIP boxes of various sizes accommodating 1,374 guests
    • 165 special seats for the disabled at main entrance/exterior ground level (no change of level)
  • Parking

    • 9,800 parking places in four x four-story Esplanade car parks (the largest in Europe)
    • 1,200 parking places on two levels in the stadium
    • 350 coach places (240 to the north and 110 to the south of the Esplanade)
    • 130 parking spaces for the disabled
  • Inside the Arena

    • 6,000 m² of catering facilities divided into following sections:
    • 28 kiosks
    • 2 fan-restaurants (one in the north- and one in the south-stand), each with 1,000 seats
    • Restaurant Area a la Carte accommodating 400 people
    • Press club with about 350 seats
    • Offices and conference rooms
    • A nursery
    • 54 ticket counters
    • Shopping facilities
    • Changing rooms ( 4 for players: FC Bayern 2, TSV 1860 2 ; 4 for coaches ; 2 for referees)
    • 550 WC-cubicles in the Arena
    • 190 monitors in the Arena
  • Pitch

    • 190 monitors in the Arena
    • Total surface (barrier to barrier): 120 m x 83 m
    • Spectator distance from pitch: 7.5 m minimum
    • Pitchside barrier height: approx 1.2 m
    • 2 x 100 m² LED Video Walls in 16:9 format, 42.5 m above ground
    • 232 floodlights, 45 m high
  • Arena & Esplanade dimensions

    • Stadium dimensions: 258 m x 227 m x 50 m (gross figure)
    • 7 levels
    • Admesurements: 840 m
    • Façade and roof: 66,500 m² in total, comprising 2,760 inflated panels
    • Roof area: 38,000 m²
    • Façade: 28,500 m²
    • Illuminated area (three colours available); 25,500 m²
    • Area occupied by stadium: 37,600 m²
    • Total site area: 171,000 m²
    • Esplanade dimensions: 543 m x 136 m x 0-12 m
    • 4 levels
    • Admeasurements: 1.358 m
    • Covered area: approx 73,900 m²


Allianz Mini Arena

Since the opening of Allianz Arena in May 2005 more than 9.5 million football fans have visited the home games of FC Bayern München and TSV 1860 München. Beyond that, nearly 1.4 million visitors visited the arena on non-match days. These figures outline the public interest in the Arena. In order to share this fascination with people from all over the world, Allianz developed a Mini Arena. The reproduction, true to the original of the Allianz Arena, accurately depicts the original with its rhombic structure and the integrated alternating colours (white, red, blue).

In the context of the FIFA world championship the first version of the Allianz Mini Arena on a scale of 1:20 was opened at Munich airport in June 2006. The inside of the arena offers passengers an innovative lounge with high-quality and functional equipment so that they can comfortably pass the time while waiting for their flights. Since 2007 Allianz presents the »News to Go« concept in the Mini Arena at Munich airport. Via interactive touch screens, travellers can access important news from the sectors economics, politics, finances and sports free of charge.

Apart from Munich airport, the Allianz Mini Arena concept was also implemented at other international locations. So far different versions were available at the locations Zurich, Linz, Madrid, Paris, Seoul and Shanghai.

UEFA Champions League Final 2012

Being the iconic Arena in Munich, world famous for its normally red, blue or white solid exterior lighting, the Allianz Arena announced a special highlight of the football year 2012, for the first time shining brightly with a green and blue chequered “belly band” around the middle - the prestigious UEFA Champions League Final on May 19th.

The match between FC Bayern München and Chelsea FC was the biggest football game to be hosted at the Allianz Arena since the FIFA World Cup semi-finals back in 2006, reaching a global audience of 300 million people.

Following “clean stadium” rules the Arena was officially handed over to UEFA on May 12, one week before the highly anticipated match.

Destination Allianz Arena 3D Streetart

Proud for being the venue of the Champions League final, Allianz comissioned world famous UK street artist Joe Hill to create a special highlight for the fans of both finalist teams.

With this mission, the current Guinness World Record holder Joe created a spectacular interactive Allianz Arena 3D painting, that let the fans be part of the game.

The anamorphic artwork in size of 5x7 metres was presented in London as well as in Munich one week before the final and attracted more than 3.000 football fans.

Find more information about the Allianz Arena 3D painting on the Allianz youtube channel:

  Allianz Arena 360° Panorama Tour

Take an interactive 360° panorama tour at one of the most famous football stadiums in the world and experience the Allianz Arena in 3D.

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