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The Leadership Values were introduced to raise the quality of leadership and accelerate the development of a high performance culture at Allianz, ensuring that leaders share a mutual understanding of our basic aims. They convey to every manager in the Group a clear framework linking business targets and desired leadership behavior.

Cultural transformation through the Leadership Values will help us to communicate openly and create an atmosphere of trust with both clients and employees. This will provide the leadership needed to drive our strategic objectives.

  Align strategy and communication

We work together to deliver a consistent business strategy. One of our main responsibilities is to communicate this strategy to all our stakeholders.

  Promote a high performance culture

We set and agree on clear targets which are aligned with our strategy. We provide feedback and coaching to our employees to encourage and reward exceptional performance.

  Focus on our customers

We ensure a relentless focus on our customers. We develop and grow strong customer relationships and seek to achieve profitable growth and thereby increase shareholder value. This requires us to deliver excellence in all our products, operations, processes and behaviors.

  Develop our employees

We invest in our employees. We select and develop potential according to high standards. We leverage diversity and encourage a culture that respects, values and benefits from different backgrounds and perspectives. We are transparent in the way we create career opportunities based on personal achievements and capabilities.

We want to be an employer of choice.

  Build on mutual trust and feedback

We build our success on mutual trust, fairness, integrity, and clear and open communication. We encourage employees to innovate, identify business opportunities, share knowledge and ideas, and provide constructive feedback.

  Foster a positive workplace through Diversity

We at Allianz believe that it is important to have a diverse and inclusive workforce. Employing people from different backgrounds and making them feel included is a major driving force behind the success of our global company.