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FC Bayern München

With FC Bayern München, Allianz continues and intensifies its successful long-time partnership, which began in 2000 and has become widely visible since the opening of the Allianz Arena in 2005. By partnering with FCB, we are able to extend our global presence while strengthening our local roots.

The new partnership as shareholder and platinum sponsor of FC Bayern, as well as naming right partner of Allianz Arena, provides numerous excellent opportunities to achieve business, communications, and marketing goals.

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FC Barcelona

Allianz - about_partnership_barca_288x250

Allianz became a partner of FC Barcelona in 2014. Barcelona is one of the most popular football clubs on the planet, as proven by over 76 million fans on their official Facebook page. Outside of its native Spain, it is especially strong in areas of Asia and the Americas, making our partnership with the club a powerful complement to our relationship with European favorite FC Bayern München.

With a powerful digital presence, committed fans, huge stars, and a growing following in high business-potential regions like Latin America, we are excited about the many possibilities inherent in this partnership.

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Allianz understands that a big part of football’s popularity comes from the joy of being part of a community: a team, a city, a social network, or the global football fan community. We are dedicated to strengthening communities and to connecting with people who love football.

About Allianz and Football

Allianz believes that teamwork, passion, and discipline are as important in daily life as they are on the football pitch. We are committed to instilling these values in the next generation of football players and fans worldwide.