Preparing the next generation to move

Through our MoveNow program, we're committed to moving people of the next generation across the globe through 24 initiatives in the upcoming months until the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024. Here's more on why we're doing it.

A survey conducted by appinio on behalf of Allianz compared physical activity of 5 to 24-year-olds before, during, and after the most recent COVID-19 lockdowns in Germany. Due to governmental regulations, such as the closing of sports clubs, children and adolescents were deprived of following their regular sporting activities: 66% of children between the ages of 5 and 15 and 51% of young people from the age of 16 to 24 were less active in sports.
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While 56% of children are back to doing sports as frequently as before the pandemic, 39% have lost their motivation and find it difficult to get active again. The surveyed young people are even more affected: more than one in two (54%) adolescents still fight to follow a regular sports routine, and only 37% are just as active again.

Children between the age of 5 and 15 are happier, more balanced, and more active if they regularly participate in sports. The young people surveyed feel that sports make them more active and physically fit (29%), healthy (27%), more balanced (25%), and happier (24%). Only 6% said sports do not offer them any added value. 
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The program includes a range of initiatives, from sports camps and accessible workouts to a TikTok Club and hackathons.
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Here's more on our MoveNow initiatives so far.
MoveNow Training Series

   MoveNow Training Series

Together with the International Paralympic Committee, Allianz has developed the MoveNow Training Series to encourage young people with disabilities into sports. The series includes videos, a 21-day Training Plan, and Motivational Calendar Tips, along with our production process, to help drive accessibility in society.

Explore the Training Series
MoveNow Sports Camps

   MoveNow Sports Camps – Basketball Edition – August 2022

Bringing “joy in movement” was the goal of the first Allianz MoveNow Camp – Basketball Edition. Hosted on the FC Bayern Munich Campus from 26 to 28 August, 35 children were invited to spend three days trying out various sports, including basketball, wheelchair basketball and athletics.
Impressions from the Basketball MoveNow camp: Children (also with wheelchairs) are playing, action, good vibes
MoveNow TikTok Club

   MoveNow TikTok Club – July to October 2022

Under the hashtag #MoveNowForParis2024, we created the first TikTok Challenge of our MoveNow Club to get young people moving. Eight TikTok influencers launched the 24-second surfing warm-up challenge, with two of the influencer posts among the top performing Olympic-related content in August with over 16 million views. Look out for the next challenge in 2023.


MoveNow Young Leaders Hackathon

   MoveNow Young Leaders Hackathon – August 2022

In August, we organized a Hackathon for more than 100 participants from the Young Leaders Forum at the European Championships Munich 2022. 
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Allianz is proud to partner with a diverse array of sports teams, organizations, cultural figures, sporting venues, and educational programs. We forge relationships with partners who support diversity, spread awareness about important social issues, and educate future generations.

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