Football is the most popular sport in the world. FIFA estimates that a staggering 265 million people – men and women – play football worldwide, and a staggering 3.5 billion consider themselves football fans.  These numbers are expected to keep rising as football increases in popularity, reaching record heights globally and gaining strength in new regions every year. This uniquely broad reach makes football the ideal activity through which Allianz can communicate with new and growing target groups. As a partner of one of the top football clubs on the planet – FC Bayern Munich – Allianz is in a unique position to support the huge segments of society for whom football is an essential part of life.

Allianz believes that the values of football – teamwork, passion, and discipline, to name just a few – are equally important on and off the pitch. We are committed to instilling these values in the next generation of football players and fans. To achieve this goal, we have hosted the Allianz Explorers Camp - Football Edition, which welcomes teenagers from all over the world to come to Munich for a week of training with FC Bayern youth coaches, every year since 2009. These young men and women are given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to develop their skills, take a behind-the-scenes look into life at FC Bayern, watch games and practices with their favorite football stars, and make friends with other aspiring footballers from around the world. Love of football brings people together regardless of differences in nationality or language, and Allianz is proud to be able to build a global community of young fans united by passion for the sport.

In fact, “community” is a key concept for all our football activities. Allianz partners with the international football community in all its forms – from to to – because we understand that football has a positive impact on the lives of many different people in many different ways. We are dedicated to deepening that positive impact, for today’s players and fans and for future generations.

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Allianz understands that a big part of football’s popularity comes from the joy of being part of a community: a team, a city, a social network, or the global football fan community. We are dedicated to strengthening communities and to connecting with people who love football.

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