Professional javelin thrower is about to drop a javelin

Olympic and Paralympic Movements

We are getting behind the Olympic and Paralympic Movements as the Worldwide Insurance Partner from 2021 until 2028. And prepare the world for a better tomorrow through sports.

Family of Stadiums

State-of-the-art sporting facilities in six countries on three continents are what we call family. But investing in stadiums is not a hobby of ours, but a cause. Because we are committed to preparing local communities for prosperity by helping develop magnets for global industry and tourism. With every stadium in our family, we raise the bar in safety, sustainability, and contemporary design.
Allianz Arena in red lights
A professional FCB footballer is taking a picture of two colleagues in the middle of the crowded stadium

Extreme E

Climate change is a race against time we can just win together. Since we strongly believe in that, we are a proud partner of Extreme E. This fully-electric racing series uses the power of sports to raise awareness for climate change, to highlight the importance of environmental protection and to promote sustainable innovations. This is essential to prepare us for a better tomorrow.


The most popular sport in the world is football. And with 265 million players around the globe, it’s more than just a physical activity. It’s a commitment to a team, a city, a community, the future generation. And we are dedicated to strengthening communities and to preparing people for the beauty of this sport.
A professional FCB footballer is taking a picture of two colleagues in the middle of the crowded stadium
Golf ball in the foreground. Background: Traditional St. Andrews golf park buildings, Scotland


To succeed in golf you need passion and commitment. We bring both to the course. And support professional as well as amateur levels to encourage community engagement, strengthen family bonds, promote business relationship building, and make young people ready to become tomorrow’s champions.

Formula E

Mobility and sustainability are at the very core of our business. And in Formula E it all comes together. It is the perfect platform to experience and prepare for the future of mobility. In combination with the excitement inside and outside the pit, this is what we want to share with fans of all ages.
Formula-E racing cars on a race

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)

Embracing change, taking risks and championing sustainability – that’s what unites us with The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). Through the use of contemporary art we bring to life design, innovation and sustainability with initiatives and exhibitions and support those who take a step into the unknown.

Together we make the world ready for progress.

Lang Lang

The power of classical music enriches lives and strengthen community and family bonds worldwide. A good cause to partner with world-renowned pianist Lang Lang and his Lang Lang International Music Foundation. We made up this well-rounded platform to inspire the world and to prepare the next generation of classical musicians for their career.
Pianist Lang Lang concentrated sitting in front of a piano
Trying to achieve a more sustainable future is something we act on every day. To prepare people for a livable, beneficial, exciting future.
Sky at night with stars, mountain background
We believe people need a resilient partner to prepare them with guidance and support. Today and tomorrow, we are here – committed to our purpose, with a clear promise to our customers.