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Prepare the world

We believe preparation allows people to make the most of all that life has to offer.





Since 1890 we have been insuring the world. Not just to protect life but to help live it confidently. And confidence comes from strong foundations, that allow us to grow, improve, thrive, have faith and never lose hope.

Every day we give our best to build these foundations. Helping to prepare people for the unknown, for adventures, for life – and everything it has to offer.

So get ready to jump in.

Learn more about how Allianz helps to prepare the world, through the words of Serge Raffard, Group Strategy, Marketing Distribution Office and Christian Deuringer, Head of Global Brand & Market

Without the stories of Dillon, Andrea and Karl this project wouldn’t be complete. They didn’t just inspire us with their love for water, and how it's impacted their lives. But we also learned from their lessons of courage, dedication and confidence. They were nothing less than the foundation of our film.

Enjoy their stories (and your goosebumps).
Dillon's Story
Being in the water helped him to regain his sovereignty and gave him the confidence that there are no problems that cannot be overcome.

„Your hardship today might be what makes you stronger tomorrow.“
1:00 min.
Andrea's Story

In her academic career she never wanted to sit in an office, she loves to do the field work – under water. Because every time down there she sees something different, worth to be preserved.

„We need to look after what we have.“
1:01 min.

Karl's Story

Surrounded by water is the most confident feeling for him. Even after quitting his career in sports he still wants to get better and better being him.

„It’s ok to fail. That shapes to keep going.“
1:00 min.

Juliette's Story

Meet Juliette, a surfer that learned to balance outside criticism so that nothing could knock her off her path. ​Jump into our latest cast story with Juliette Lacome and find out how preparation grants you the confidence to do ​your thing no matter who’s watching. ​

„If you have the confidence, everything’s going to go with it.“
1:00 min.

Gündem’s Story

Meet Gündem, a multidisciplinary athlete who knows that believing is the key to achieving the very best outcome. Learning how to swim revealed her competitive spirit, and now as a fencer, she is well on her way to proving that there’s nothing she can’t do.

 „I believe that when you strongly dream of something, it becomes true.”
1:00 min.

Without purpose, nothing matters. Ours is to secure the future. For millions of people all over the world, we work hard to secure their lives and make them ready for their adventures.

We promise confidence in tomorrow because we deeply believe that people progress in life when they don’t brace themselves for the worst but prepare for the best.

And to fulfill this promise we follow three simple yet meaningful principles in everything we do.

We are well prepared.

Sky at night with stars, mountain background

We use our brand to inspire and make an impact. Our global moves and activations show how we support, delight and surprise around the world.

Discover how we bring our brand to life and dive into iconic moves, game changing actions and campaigns around the globe.

All created to get the world ready.

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As the world’s leading insurer responsibility runs in our veins. Not just for the health and wealth of our customers and business partners, but for the whole planet. Because we are doing business around the globe, it’s our job to see what is coming. To prepare people for a livable, positive, exciting future. And to remove everything that gets in its way.

So for us, sustainability is not a declared goal or a nice label we want to achieve. It’s something we act on every day.

In big and small ways.

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We’re stronger together. That’s why we build partnerships with organizations that share our values and embrace new ideas and technologies that have a positive impact on the world. We partner with traditional sports and cultural institutions as well as organizations that have one thing in mind above all:

A better tomorrow.
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