Oliver Bäte March 2022
Allianz stands ready to support Ukrainian refugees by providing free car insurance to Ukrainian citizens crossing into neighbouring countries and other European countries. We have also set up a dedicated talent pool for those interested in a career at Allianz.
Car Insurance
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Ukrainian citizens seeking to cross the border via car can get insured by Allianz-supported insurance solutions* in the neighboring countries and other European countries, to cover the lack of green card car insurance.

Click here to visit the overview.

Click on a link below to navigate directly to the respective country information.

* Coverage is related to Motor Third-Party Liability (MTPL) insurance
Allianz careers
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As part of our #StandwithUkraine initiative, we have set up a careers portal to help Ukrainian talents displaced by the invasion find a job with Allianz.

When you register with our talent pool, our recruiters can help you find a job that matches your skills in areas such as Marketing, Sales, HR, Legal, Operations and many more. 

A dedicated filter option has been implemented to display suitable jobs marked with #StandwithUkraine in the job title.

Allianz is offering extended insurance coverage in a number of European countries to customers who have welcomed Ukrainian refugees into their homes. We are also providing free legal support for refugees.
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In a number of European countries, Allianz customers who are letting Ukrainian refugees stay in their homes are entitled to extended coverage. This includes:

Personal liability insurance: Extension of the group of insured persons to include Ukrainian refugees.

Householders’ insurance: Extended cover to include refugee guests’ belongings.

Find out more about extended coverage in these countries:

Allianz has pledged €2.5 million in humanitarian assistance in Ukraine to match the donations of its employees, which have already topped €1 million and continue to grow. 
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Allianz employees and colleagues worldwide have raised more than €1 million for the Red Cross in just two weeks (as of March 23, 2022) and that total is growing each day.

Their contributions enable humanitarian aid and emergency relief for affected people in Ukraine, such as the provision of essential relief supplies, first aid and medical care, rescue services, blood donor services, water and sanitation, and psychosocial support.

Together we make a difference.

You are an Allianz employee and you want to contribute? Please check out the information on our intranet solution.

Allianz is making €10 million available to support humanitarian efforts in light of the invasion of Ukraine, along with up to €2.5 million to match employee donations.
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The first €1 million was donated to the German Red Cross to provide humanitarian assistance to those displaced by the conflict and those who are in need in Ukraine.

Over time, our donations will be used to deepen the assistance in accordance with medium- and long-term needs. It is important that we stand together and shelter each other by supporting in ways we can. No act of kindness and support is ever too small.

You want to donate money? 
This is the Red Cross press release and there is also one for the city of Munich, here Red Cross: Home - DRK e.V.