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We celebrate AllAbility Day across the Allianz Group. Launched in 2017 in line with the UN International Day for Persons with Disabilities, it aims to foster awareness and recognize the efforts of the global Allianz community to advance inclusion of employees and customers with disabilities.




AllAbility – People with Disabilities

We are convinced that everybody has special abilities and skills, irrespective of possible disabilities. We know that every impairment is different, so we understand the importance of having our workplaces tailored to each employee’s individual needs, including flexible working hours, special equipment or personal mentorship.

AllAbility started as an initiative in 2014 and aims to

  • Raise awareness on the topic of disability within the company
  • Find ways to make Allianz workplaces free of barriers
  • Create a safe space for employees to disclore their disability and ask for what they need to perform at their best
  • Promote Allianz externally as an attractive employer for disabled people.