Never before have so many different age groups been part of the workforce at the same time: Globally, five generations work together at Allianz. The average age is 40,7. 35% of our employees are below 35 years old, representing the largest group in our workforce.

For us it’s important that people with different values, attitudes and experience levels put their heads together and share their sought-after skills for the challenges of tomorrow. Our life-long learning opportunities along with reverse-mentoring and know-how transfer programs ensure that we make the most of everybody’s talent.

To celebrate age diversity and show our commitment, our employee network for age inclusion  > Allianz Engage highlights UN International Youth Day and UN International Day of Older Persons as part of their activities.

We have been recognized externally:

Allianz US Life: #42 on 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials in 2021 provided by FORTUNE 

Some initiatives for age inclusion from around the Allianz world:

Together with our employee networks we have published a global resource on “Menopause in the workplace” to  support employees who are experiencing the menopause and its associated symptoms as well as their managers.

Allianz UK has run a series of people panels to provide employees with a platform to share their experiences of age inclusion in Allianz.

Allianz Spain, Allianz France, Allianz Germany and Allianz UK have set up reverse mentoring between generations so we can make the most of each generation’s qualities.

The global photo campaign "50 over 50" addresses the intersectionality of age and gender by highlighting the important contributions of women over the age of 50 at Allianz. Close to 100 women from 29 Allianz entities, 15 countries and all hierarchy levels participated.