Allianz Rugby Partnerships

Allianz Park

Allianz Park, the state-of-the art stadium and sporting complex that opened outside London in February 2013, lends extra allure to Saracens, for whom Allianz Park is home. With a capacity of 10,000 spectators, the Park is a unique venue, hosting a wide variety of elite and community sporting events. Like other arenas in the Allianz Family of Stadiums, Allianz Park achieves a state-of-the art balance between sustainability and modernity: designed to blend into its natural surroundings, the Park also boasts ultramodern technology, including an artificial pitch that withstands virtually any extreme of weather or temperature. A true community sports hub, Alianz Park is used every day of the year.

The Saracens Sport Foundation

The Saracens Sport Foundation is the non-profit organization affiliated with Saracens. Established in 2000, the Foundation today employs over 40 staff members and coaches who share the Foundation’s goal of using the power of sports to affect positive change and inspire individuals, families, and communities. The Foundation engages with over 70,000 people each year through the four pillars of their outreach: sports development, health & wellbeing, inclusion and education & training. The Allianz sponsorship supports the vital work being done by the Saracens Sport Foundation, bringing new energy to the program and new opportunities for thousands of people.

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Allianz took its first foray into the sport of rugby by becoming a sponsor of Saracens rugby club in 2012. This historic club, as well as the state-of-the-art stadium it calls home, is a new jewel in the crown of Allianz’s sports and culture partnerships.
The partnership between Allianz and Saracens rugby club is a landmark relationship both for Saracens, one of England’s most respected clubs, and for Allianz, who is proud to sponsor the historic Saracens as its first partnership in the sport of rugby.