Allianz Golf Partnerships

St Andrews Links

Allianz is the only global partner of St Andrews Links, the iconic “Home of Golf” where some of the world’s first golf games - in which both men and women took part - were played over 600 years ago. Today, more than 230,000 rounds of golf are played on the seven courses that comprise the Links each year. This unique partnership provides numerous opportunities for Allianz to support both professional and amateur golf, to participate in shaping the next generation of golfers, and to enhance business relationships with our partners and customers.

St Andrews Links is a frequent host of the Open Championship as well as the Allianz-sponsored St Andrews Links Trophy amateur tournament, and in 2013 the Women’s British Open took place on the famous Old Course. The Links are also home to the Allianz Golf Camp, which has delivered intensive training to young boys and girls from all around the world and their mentors each summer since 2013. Our activities at St Andrews Links underscore our commitment to honoring the heritage of golf while promoting the future of the sport.

St. Leon-Rot Golf Club

Allianz’s partnership with the renowned St. Leon-Rot Golf Club is primarily focused on promoting golf among young people in Germany, our home market. The Allianz German Boys and Girls Open, one of the most prestigious youth golf tournaments in Europe, is hosted at the club. In collaboration with St. Leon-Rot, Allianz has developed the Lucky 33 program to train young German golfers and to offer them the chance to compete with other young people throughout the country in cooperation with local Allianz agents who spend the tournaments together with the kids and their families. These highly successful initiatives have established the St. Leon-Rot and Allianz partnership as a leader in youth golf development in Germany, and serve as a model for youth training and competition worldwide.

Officially designated one of the Leading Golf Courses of Germany since 2010, the beautiful course at St. Leon-Rot has received the honor of being selected to host the 2015 Solheim Cup, the most prized trophy in women’s golf.

The Solheim Cup and Women's Golf

Promoting women’s golf and supporting female golfers is a top priority for Allianz. On an amateur level, golf is a sport commonly enjoyed among women and girls, and professional women’s golf is growing in popularity worldwide. Through sponsorship activities that include innovative digital endeavors such as a Facebook presence and mobile app initiatives, Allianz is committed to increasing the visibility of women’s golf in order to expand the diversity and broaden the appeal of the sport as a whole. 

Our most important activity in women’s golf is our global partnership with the 2015 Solheim Cup, a tournament played every two years between the top female golfers in the United States and the European Union. The Solheim Cup is one of the best-known and most coveted championships in women’s professional golf. The 2015 Solheim Cup at the St. Leon-Rot Golf Club is a key opportunity to promote women’s golf only one year before golf is played at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Our partnership with 2013 Solheim Cup winner Beatriz Recari puts a human face on our ambition to bring women’s golf and its champions into the global spotlight.

Allianz Golf Training Programs

Allianz sponsors many activities intended to promote interest in golf among young people, and to offer the proper training to turn today’s youth into tomorrow’s champions.

Lucky 33 is one of the most innovative youth sport training and competition programs in Europe today. The program helps local golf clubs throughout Germany set up youth tournaments, and the winners of each tournament compete in a final at St. Leon-Rot. The winning finalists are then invited to qualify for the Allianz German Boys and Girls Open.

At St Andrews Links, the Allianz Golf Camp takes place each summer to train young golfers from around the world. Each young camper brings a golf mentor – a parent, grandparent, or coach – to share the experience and to get the support they need to further grow. In 2014, participants had the opportunity to learn from champions and Allianz partners Paul McGinley and Beatriz Recari, giving the young golfers a glimpse into their possible futures as men’s and women’s golf professionals. By strengthening golf as a passion shared within families and communities, Allianz helps preserve the sport for future generations.

The Allianz Championship

The Allianz Championship is a golf tournament played by top PGA Champions Tour professionals each winter in Boca Raton, Florida, United States. Proceeds of the tour benefit the Boca Raton Regional Hospital, as well as several other charitable organizations. The 54-hole stroke-play competition is broadcast to a national and international television audience. A number of other activities have been developed in accordance with the Allianz Championship, including the Women’s Pro-Am, in which female golfers of all levels are invited to play 18 holes with women golf champions.

Allianz supports the Championship as part of our general commitment to promoting golf worldwide, and because this tournament offers us a highly public and prestigious opportunity to connect with our business target groups.

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Allianz understands that a big part of football’s popularity comes from the joy of being part of a community: a team, a city, a social network, or the global football fan community. We are dedicated to strengthening communities and to connecting with people who love football.
By supporting golf at both the professional and amateur levels, Allianz encourages community engagement, strengthens family bonds, promotes business relationship building, and helps young golfers develop into the champions of tomorrow.