Better financial leadership is the foundation of a better world. We will focus on sustainability and helping others and the planet. We invest in future generations, fostering collaboration and being part of something better. In all of these ways and more, we prepare the world for a better tomorrow, together.
Wind power farm in landscape

To support the clean energy transformation, Allianz adapted it's guidelines to provide investment and insurance in clean energy projects. This change will primarily impact the shift from coal to renewables in Asia and Eastern Europe.
Portrait of Giovanna Santi, ecosystem leader of "My Prevention"

Allianz France launched an ecosystem called "My Prevention," which is dedicated to identifying and anticipating risks. With increasing new risks such as the pandemic, global warming, and energy shocks, prevention issues are a top priority to sustain the insurability of goods and people. Allianz aims to strengthen their role in prevention and support their customers in the face of risks related to their mission of securing their future.
Allianz Spain posters for mental health wellness

To help end prejudice and stigma against mental health in the workplace, Allianz Spain's Prevention and Wellness team offers training sessions for executives and managers to raise awareness and take actions for the entire workforce. Employees can also access psychological assistance 24/7.
Everything we do as a brand and business, we will do with empathy. We start our interactions by listening to our customers, witnessing our integrity and demonstrating our reliability. We provide security in the ups and downs of life to make people ready for whatever the future has to offer.
Young wan with glasses, in thoughtful pose

Allianz Colombia cares about the mental health of the country's youth and wants to help them pave a healthy and bright future. That is why customers and non-customers alike are provided with access to free mental health support.
Man standing on Taiwan sea looking at the water

Allianz Taiwan tells the story of Grandpa Sea Salt and his grandson to showcase the traditional Amis method of extracting salt from the sea using only rift wood and seawater. By bridging tradition with the present, Allianz believes we can secure a better future for our customers.
Elton John playing piano

As a member of the Alliance for Lifetime Income (ALI), Allianz US Life is excited to share this important message from Sir Elton John. Together, ALI member companies are working to help more Americans achieve financial freedom in retirement. Because financially secure tomorrows are something we all deserve.
Our brand delivers innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs. We will reduce complexity to simplify their lives, share knowledge, be transparent and provide access to more services and value. We are ready to make you ready.
Car mechanic repairing a car

Allianz UK partnered with SYNETIQ, the UK’s leading vehicle recycling specialist, and launched a digital platform to help vehicle repair shops source recycled parts. This facilitates the sourcing of recycled auto parts, and the pilot has helped to re-use around 500 auto parts in auto repairs and cut CO2 by 19,500 kilograms.  
An eBook on financial literacy

When launching Start Making Cents, a financial literacy series with Christoph Waltz, Allianz Italy wanted to provide deeper insights and additional resources beyond the investing tips shared in the films. To do this, they created a free eBook that anyone can download to learn more about the topic. They also created an accompanying guide for their agents and financial advisors, which they can leverage to introduce and consult customers on these topics.

Protecting one's spending power is crucial during times of historic inflation, and worries and uncertainty about inflation are top of mind for many around the globe. That's why Allianz US Life created inflation resources, providing customers with powerful tools to support their planning and navigate rising costs. They highlights tangible solutions, provide strategic planning tools to give comprehensive support to each and every customer, and help people continue working towards a bright financial future. 
Woman with her blind daughter sitting happily on a couch
Male Allianz employee laughing
Turtle diving to the surface
Football team playing together
Actions speak louder than words. Our global moves and local activations show how we inspire and make an impact.
In fact, it’s at the core of our business to be the trusted partner of our stakeholders, using our global scale and expertise to help to solve society’s most pressing issues.