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A sports training room with clothes on hangers
For over 100 years, Allianz Australia has helped people get ready for the best, which is why they partnered with Pride in Sport and local coaching legends to create an innovative training program for coaches of all levels. The program aims to improve inclusivity in sport by training coaches to foster inclusive environments, particularly for LBGTQ+ youth.
The brake lights shine on an expensive sportscar
As part of the "Climate and Resilience" law in France, in 2024 low emission mobility zones will be created that will force drivers to re-think their thermal vehicles. To understand how people feel about electric vehicles and this transition, Allianz France supported a survey of over 10,000 French citizens.
A windmill turns in front of a sunset
To further invest into a sustainable future powered by clean energy, Allianz acquired strakes in He Dreiht, which marked the company's first direct investment in an offshore wind farm project in Germany. It will become one of the largest offshore wind farms in Germany and will supply over 1 million households with clean energy.
Wind power farm in landscape
To support the clean energy transformation, Allianz adapted it's guidelines to provide investment and insurance in clean energy projects. This change will primarily impact the shift from coal to renewables in Asia and Eastern Europe.
The logo of Finnish company Ren-Gas on a forest background
Allianz acquired a minority stake in Ren-Gas, a Finnish green hydrogen and power-to-gas developer. Ren-Gas will build a series of projects that are expected to deliver 2.5 TWh (250 million diesel liter equivalent) of renewable gas fuels and reduce CO2 emission by more than 1 million tons per year.
A portrait of Anusha Thavarajah, Regionl Chief Exectuive Officer,Allianz Asia
In this interview with Anusha Thavarajah, Regional Chief Executive Officer, Allianz Asia Pacific, she discusses the state of the climate crisis in the region and how Allianz is supporting net-zero efforts in Asia Pacific.
A presenter gives a talk standing in front of a car's body parts
To reduce landfill waste and CO2 emissions, Allianz promotes a philosophy of repair over replace when servicing motor claims. The Allianz Center for Technology has researched the cost and environmental impact, and for example, they found that minor repairs (instead of replacing parts) can reduce greenhouse gases by around 99%.
A crowd of thousands of people at a sporting event
Allianz takes pride in partnering with sports events around the globe and was the Official Partner of the European Championships Munich 2022– the biggest multi-sport event in Germany since the Olympic Games Munich 1972. 
A portrait of an Allianz Employee who will talk about EU taxonomy
Partnering with the European Commission, Allianz helped to clarify what the definition of a sustainable investment is under the EU Taxonomy framework. This work is significant in supporting the transition of Europe to a net-zero carbon future.
The logo for German-British company NeuConnect
Allianz has invested in NeuConnect, an interconnector that will connect Germany´s and the UK´s energy power grids for the first time. Once completed, the Interconnector will help deliver energy resilience and supply security, reduce CO2 to support net-zero goals, and will become the largest single British-German infrastructure project.
Infographics on Academy Award nominees who are insured by Allianz
Dating back to the age of silent films, Allianz has a long history of partnership with the film industry. This year, beyond insuring 5 out of the 10 best picture nominees, Allianz has also been a thought leader when it comes to highlighting risks and trends in the industry.
A hand points to a set of green data values on a laptop
With the rapid growth of ESG data over the past decades, Allianz Global Investors launched the Sustainability Insights Engine (SusIE). SusIE is a digital platform that provides broad access to ESG data. It will be a key tool for investment teams to better navigate ESG data in order to meet clients' current and future needs.
An illustration of a climate friendly electric bus
Allianz Global Investors sponsored a contest of more than 2,300 artists from across the globe. It provided a forum for discussion of ideas and solutions to tackle climate change and served as a way to inspire people to support the cause.
Two men pose for a photo accepting an award
For the second year, Allianz Global Investors has won the ‘Excellence in ESG’ at Fund Selector Asia’s 2023 Hong Kong House Awards. It highlights the prioritization of sustainable investing globally.
An infrographic promoting a webinar series
Allianz Life Ghana created a free and open webinar series that discusses topics around personal and career growth during the turbulent times we find ourselves in.
A portrait of an Allianz employee who will discuss how to anticipate and face risks
Allianz France launched an ecosystem called "My prevention", which is dedicated to identifying and anticipating risks. With increasing new risks such as the pandemic, global warming, and energy shocks, prevention issues are a top priority to sustain the insurability of goods and people. Allianz aims to strengthen their role in prevention and support their customers in the face of risks related to their mission of securing their future.
A group of Allianz Uganda employees post for a picture with traffic safety officers
To promote road safety, Allianz Uganda gave away protective and reflective clothing and stop signs to a local school to help improve the safety of children and people on the road.
Special Insurance Product for electric car owners
To celebrate International Women's Day, Allianz Nigeria supported aspiring designers by sponsoring five women to take  courses at the Geneza School of Design.
Special Insurance Product for electric car owners
Allianz Nigeria created Project DAYS (Differently-Abled Youths Skill) to empower differently-abled youths through hands-on digital skills training. The project helps them reach their full potential, while at the same time contributing to further development within the country.
Man standing on Taiwan sea looking at the water
Allianz Taiwan tells the story of Grandpa Sea Salt and his grandson to showcase the traditional Amis method of extracting salt from the sea using only rift wood and seawater. By bridging tradition with the present, Allianz believes we can secure a better future for our customers. 
Elton John playing piano
As a member of the Alliance for Lifetime Income (ALI), Allianz US Life is excited to share this important message from Sir Elton John. Together, ALI member companies are working to help more Americans achieve financial freedom in retirement. Because financially secure tomorrows are something we all deserve.
A female music artist discusses on social media Allianz Austria's commitment to diversity and inclusion
As part of our ongoing commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity, Allianz Austria covered the fees for this year's #WEARE women's concert. Partnering with a prominent female artist to amplify the voices of women in music and beyond, they advocate for equal opportunities and pay parity across all professions and industries. 
A Paralympic swimmer poses with a gold medal around her neck
During challenging times, Allianz Turkey wanted to spread a message of hope. The "Together with Hope" campaign centered around world champion national swimmer Sümeyye Boyaci, whose Paralympic success inspired the nation. Sümeyye's personal story, born without arms but a successful swimmer, was a powerful symbol and highlights  "there's hope in every new beginning." 
A picture of ultra-cyclist Omar Di Felice and his bicycle
Allianz is committed to sustainability and supporting efforts to raise awareness on climate change. That's why Allianz Italy partnered with ultra-cyclist Omar di Felice, previously on his way to make the first crossing of Antarctica by bike. We'll be amplifying his incredible adventures across our platforms and hope to inspire action towards a more sustainable future.
Researchers look at Covid data
Allianz Australia used research on the Covid-19 pandemic to offer actionable tips on how to prioritize mental health in the workplace.
A pair of hands hold a business report
As part of their Reconciliation Action Plan, Allianz Australia commissioned research via Indigenous engagement consultancy Winangali to better understand the experiences, attitudes, and behaviors of First Nations small businesses regarding their insurance requirements.
Klaus Berge discusses Sustainable investing
As a pioneer in sustainable investing, Allianz invests its customers' money into sustainable projects, such as wind turbines and solar plants, around the world. This puts their investments towards building a sustainable future.
A flooded street of houses
Floods and extreme weather cannot be prevented, but they can be prepared for. That is why Allianz is sharing insights from experts on how to minimize losses during such events.
A beautiful biodiverse scene of a forest with a river running through it
Biodiversity loss not only impacts the environment, but also the economy. Allianz Global Investors partnered with Reuters to examine how investors should consider biodiversity and sustainable investing.
A woman stands in front of a scenic lake with mountains reflected on its surface
The new blog "Sustainability Now" by Allianz Global Investors offers perspectives and information on various topics around sustainable investing. It aims to foster conversation and spark questions on the topics within the community.
A fashion model on the catwalk
The Allianz EGO Confidence in Fashion award  was created to give a platform to young Spanish designers and help them gain recognition and skills to grow their brands.
A t-shirt with the branding "stand strong" with Allianz plus womens aid
Allianz Ireland continues their partnership with Women's Aid to create #StandStrong, a movement aimed at raising awareness and showing support for victims of domestic abuse. In 2022 the initiative called for nationwide participation from all genders and ages with fundraising and events across the country.
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Football team playing together
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