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Young woman with glasses, in thoughtful pose
Allianz Colombia cares about the mental health of the country's youth and wants to help them pave a healthy and bright future. That is why customers and non-customers alike are provided with access to free mental health support.
Malaysia's first roadside assistance for Allianz Goods Carrying Vehicles
In early 2023 Allianz Malaysia launched a supplemental benefit  providing roadside assistance to Goods Carrying Vehicles  involved in accidents or breakdowns. This is the first coverage of its kind in Malaysia. 
Flood Survival Training
With increased frequency and severity of floods in the country, Allianz Malaysia partnered with the Malaysia International Search and Rescue (MISAR) to provide Flood Survival Trainings. The trainings cover various survival tactics, including how to support people with disabilities during in a flood emergency.
Allianz Indonesia's Pregnant Woman's class program
Allianz Indonesia launched a class to educate pregnant women on childbirth and motherhood to help them better prepare for their upcoming birth and to receive a thorough education on childbirth and parenting.
Lobke Berkhout - Allianz Nederland Ambassador
Partnering with Olympic sailor Lobke Berkhout, Allianz Netherlands provides resources and starts a discussion on dealing with stress in order to help people find balance in life.
Allianz Ghana helping small businesses operate confidently
The SME Assured Plan, launched by Allianz Ghana, provides customers with broad coverage across various personal and business risks, with the aim to help small businesses operate more confidently.
Green energy production - Solar
Partnering with Eiffel Investment Group, Allianz launched Transition Energétique, which gives investors the opportunity to invest in the financing of energy transition infrastructures. This is done through the financing of companies owning green energy production infrastructures (solar, wind, batteries, etc.).
Saving advice for retirement
To prepare customers with the knowledge they need to understand and control their pension accounts, Allianz Slovakia has provided insights into upcoming changes that may affect people's retirement savings.
Special Insurance Product for electric car owners
Allianz Lithium is the new product offered by Allianz Italy that protects electric vehicle drivers against potential risks from this new technology - allowing them to drive sustainably and with confidence.
My Company: An insurance for small and medium sized businesses
Allianz Poland continues to simplify its coverage and product offerings for customers by launching "Moja Firma" (My Company) for small and medium-sized enterprises. It offers four coverage packages – Comfort, Plus, Extra and Max, which take into account the most relevant risks and simplify the process for SME customers.
eDo App allows remote opening of mutual fund registers
To create a streamlined and digital solution for customers, Allianz Poland has implemented a solution allowing customers to open mutual fund registers digitally. This allows remote access to the products and a simplified user journey.
Product award winner for term life insurance
Twelve term life insurers in Austria were surveyed and assessed on their premiums and performance. Through the analysis, Allianz Austria came out on top.
Allianz product award winner for pension plan
Allianz Austria is proud to win the top prize for the company's pension plan at the AssCompact Awards for the second year in a row. Beyond defending this title, Allianz also came in second place for "Best Service for Intermediaries", an improvement from 2021.
Allianz Germany shares message of solidarity and inclusion. Together we are strong
Allianz Germany is spreading a powerful message of inclusion, emphasizing that "Being together means being strong." This message underscores the importance of including individuals from all walks of life, regardless of age, background or life stage.
Life insurance calculator supports its customers and their families
Allianz US Life has created a Life Insurance Calculator to support its customers to be better prepared for the unexpected. Users get immediate, personalized results to figure out how much life insurance they might need. 
Car mechanic repairing a car
Allianz UK partnered with SYNETIQ, the UK’s leading vehicle recycling specialist, and launched a digital platform to help vehicle repair shops source recycled parts. This facilitates the sourcing of recycled auto parts, and the pilot has helped to re-use around 500 auto parts in auto repairs and cut CO2 by 19,500 kilograms.  
Two women cycle in the beautiful mountains
Allianz France's extensive network of over 3900 partner repair shops in France enables customers to avoid advance payment for repairs. The convenience of these partner repair shops provide a hassle-free experience for our customers.
An eBook on financial literacy
When launching Start Making Cents, a financial literacy series with Christoph Waltz, Allianz Italy wanted to provide deeper insights and additional resources beyond the investing tips shared in the films. To do this, they created a free eBook that anyone can download to learn more about the topic. They also created an accompanying guide for their agents and financial advisors, which they can leverage to introduce and consult customers on these topics.
Architectural model of a house
Protecting one's spending power is crucial during times of historic inflation, and worries and uncertainty about inflation are top of mind for many around the globe. That's why Allianz Global Investors created their inflation cheat sheet, which provides customers with information and tips to support their planning, to teach them how to continue investing and to help them navigate rising costs. This recourse aims to help people continue working towards a bright financial future, even in challenging times.
A device allowing Allianz customers to communicate electronically
At Allianz Czechia paperwork has been largely eliminated, allowing nearly 80 percent of their customers to conduct all communications electronically.
We believe people need a resilient partner to prepare them with guidance and support. Today and tomorrow, we are here when it matters.
Football team playing together
Actions speak louder than words. Our global moves and local activations show how we inspire and make an impact.