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Mother is joyfully teaching its child to swim

Since 1890, all around the globe, we have been working hard to secure people’s lives and to prepare our customers for everything life has to offer.

We are actuaries, advisors and service agents; engineers, lawyers and technology experts; accountants, investors and entrepreneurs; we are water rats and landlubbers, daughters and sons, and everything in between. Together we are shaping our industry.

Because we know how important it is to have a partner with stamina at your side who prepares you with solid and sustainable solutions, we strive to do it right – with passion and persistence.

John F. Kennedy – "Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction."
Times are tough, but so are we. Because we believe people need a resilient partner to prepare them with guidance and support, with buoyage and life-belts. Today and tomorrow, we are here – committed to our purpose, with a clear promise to our customers.
two friends, one of them with prosthetic leg, hugging each other, public place, evening sun, Confidence in tomorrow

We face crises after crises after crises. And we are convinced now, more than ever, people need a vanguard of optimism and hope. Because we deeply believe, that we progress in life when we don’t brace for the worst, but prepare for the best.

With our access to knowledge and capabilities – connected with the passion of our employees – we can support people to get ready for whatever life has to offer. Whether in private, in business, or in the every day: it will be extraordinary.

That’s a Promise.

Every day, everybody in our company gives does everything to create a new experience, guided by simple yet meaningful principles. By supporting each other and sharing resources across the world, we are ready to overcome fears and provide hope for the future.

And we are all in.

shape – a better tomorrow together
care – about our customers' hopes and fears
deliver – quality in a fair and simple way
Girl with prothesis in a gym
We partner with traditional sports and cultural institutions as well as organizations that have one thing in mind above all: A better tomorrow.
Football team playing together
Discover how we bring our words to life and dive into iconic moves, game changers and campaigns around the globe. All made to make the world ready.