Prepared for Life

Allianz | Wieden+Kennedy | Wednesday Jun 8, 2022

For 130 years Allianz has helped people prepare for what’s next –not only to protect us, but to open us up to the best life has to offer. 

After a lifetime of swimming, tattooist and dad, Dillon had a surgery to amputate his leg due to a rare disease. And as he prepared in all the ways one does for such a life changing event, he did so in order to invite in the best life had to offer after the surgery. A life where he could serve as an example of strength and resilience to his son. Setting a solid foundation of love and support was monumental to Dillon’s journey — these are the kinds of foundations we at Allianz believe prepare people for growth, adventure, and ultimately confidence in spite of uncertainty surrounding their future.

Grounded in our Purpose “We Secure Your Future” and sticking to our experience principles: “Shape, Care, Deliver”, we wanted to be even more relevant. With this in mind, we set off on a mission to renew our commitment to preparing the world, by reestablishing our brand and what it stands for in an inspiring new global brand platform that aims to encourage people in all stages of life as it pertains to their future and Alianz’s place in supporting them.

Too often people have thought of insurance as preparing for the worst, an uncertainty that insurance companies typically lean into as a means to sell their services. But we believe the times call for a more positive angle on preparation — one that grants people confidence in their world. Confidence to face the unknown with an invitation, and in doing so, eliminating the fear that holds so many back on the daily basis. Viewing preparation in this way reframes it from something done to avoid the worst, to something done in anticipation of the best.

2022 marks the launch of ‘Prepared for Life’, our new global brand platform created together with Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. The first piece launched from this partnership brings to life a fitting analogy on World Ocean Day: getting insurance is like learning to swim - you don’t do it solely to avoid drowning, you do it to take full advantage of the world around you.

This renewed brand message is highlighted in the narrative of the 90-second launch film ‘The Fountain of Life’, extending the analogy about swimming, in that similarly when you’re prepared in life, you view the adventure differently, confident that you can handle it, and so fully embrace whatever rolls in with the tide. Such a message is a radically refreshing shift to having a more positive outlook on life; exactly the kind of optimism our world needs at this point in time.

To add credibility to the film, we chose Wayne Hechanova - an Allianz employee with years of experience - as our voice. Not only does he know the business better than anyone, but he’s also lived a full life - ensuring the anecdotal message would resonate on a personal level. But since this is a global message, each version of the film is tailored to one of the 60+ markets where it launched.

In addition to the launch film, we expound on the benefits of looking at preparation in this way with three heartfelt ‘Cast Stories’ with real people, featuring a professional swimmer, marine biologist, and father sharing their memories, experiences and connections with the ocean and swimming. Meanwhile our communications on the ground continue to explore preparation in many other contexts, showing everyday people - along with two athletes to represent the Olympic and Paralympic partnership - in lighthearted life scenarios.

Ultimately, the platform ties together everything Allianz is doing, from non-profit initiatives to revolutionary research studies. One of our key focuses is in the area of sustainability, a challenge that we know is critical in preparing the world for the future. At Allianz, we are committed to embedding sustainability across our business and our organization, and our efforts have recently been acknowledged by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, as leading insurer in that area dummy (See: Allianz tops Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2021 as leading sustainable insurer).

As we continue to pave the way for a more sustainable future, dummyGünther Thallinger, Member of the Board of Management of Allianz SE, has joined the new United Nations Advisory Council in its mission for Net-Zero Emissions Commitments of Non-State Entities alongside 15 other experts. We are also pledging to support scientists who improve our understanding of climate change-related risks with the dummy Allianz Climate Risk Research Award.

From 8 June 2022, the global campaign is rolling out across over 60 countries, with the four films launching online and on TV. 

Interview with Serge Raffard, Group Strategy, Marketing Distribution Officer and Christian Deuringer, Head of Global Brand & Marketing:

1.  In creating this new global brand platform what would you say were Allianz’ main goals?

Christian Deuringer:  We believe a strong foundation allows our customers to experience life at its best. Through this new platform we bring to life our brand promise, which reflects in the work we do not only as a brand, but as a global organization that brings insurance and asset management to millions of people.

Serge Raffard: Everything we do under the global brand platform has one goal: to behave as a strong global brand, by differentiating and emotionalising Allianz.


2.  What human or business insights were the impetus for the final message of the campaign?

Christian Deuringer: People aspire to progress and continually do better in life. Having the right foundations and being prepared allows them to achieve this. So, this final message of optimism is the combination of human truth and who we are as an organization. The outlook has always been in our DNA.


3.  Historically Allianz has touted their mission as being “behind you for what’s ahead”. Can you speak to the evolution of this brand promise?

Serge Raffard: As a business we’ve evolved to become more agile and engaged with our customers — improving and adapting our products according to their needs. Our mission illustrates these actions, and how they ultimately lead to positive outcomes for our customers. People are looking for more optimistic messages, now more than ever. Given our long history providing this kind of support, we believe we have the legitimacy to deliver that message.


4.   Given the current state of the world, was the message Allianz intended to spread influenced at all by recent global events?

Serge Raffard: Naturally, there are some circumstances that are beyond our control, but we will always inspire trust, resilience and hope in the future. Furthermore our very purpose is to “secure your future” — we exist to support humanity, not only in times of crisis but day to day, regardless of what life brings.


5.  The lightheartedness and positivity seen throughout the campaign is not something we’ve seen from an insurance and asset management company. What’s the thinking behind employing this strategy and tone?

Christian Deuringer: We are in the business of life, so it is natural for Allianz to communicate on a human level. This tone is a reflection of what we believe in, and our role in our customers’ communities globally. At the heart of Allianz are our 150,000+ employees and representatives from all around the world who are deeply rooted in their local communities. This tone is ultimately carried by them — our people. They define us on a daily basis with their relentless efforts.


6.  Speak to the universality of the message and how Allianz can take such a definitive stance across the many markets where it does business.

Serge Raffard: This global positioning has been developed in collaboration with many Allianz entities around the globe. We are present in many markets but we are one team with common goals and objectives which unite us. Our mission is ambitious and relevant, and we believe this message will resonate globally.


7.  How do you think the platform sets Allianz apart on a global stage?

Serge Raffard: What is unique about Allianz is that we are a human brand that follows business strategy. Everything we do is grounded in the real lives of people and the reality of our business. This campaign is not just a one-off film. It has numerous applications and can stretch across many business and organization pillars. We will continue building on it well into the future.


8.   How do you imagine the message of the campaign will manifest in the actual lives of people living today?

Christian Deuringer: We hope that people can live their lives with confidence and be optimistic about the future. By having the right foundations, they can look at tomorrow with hope and be confident that their future will be bright.


9.  Can you give us any outlook on how the campaign will evolve overtime?

Christian Deuringer: The campaign is going to evolve and touch broader areas of our business. This platform is here to stay. We're proud and incredibly excited about this journey and our partnership with Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam: this is only the beginning.


10.  Are you a good swimmer yourself?

Christian Deuringer: I am a passionate windsurfer, so swimming is essential to me.

Serge Raffard: I used to swim competitively as a kid, then I joined the water polo team. Now I do sailing, surfing and swimming leisurely – well, sailing a bit more competitively 

Serge Rafford, Group Strategy, Marketing Distribution Office
Serge Raffard, Group Strategy, Marketing Distribution Officer
Christian Deuringer, Head of Global Brand & Marketing
Christian Deuringer, Head of Global Brand & Marketing